Godox SL-150 LED Video Light

  • رقم المنتج : Godox SL-150 LED Video Light
  • السعر: 1,553 SAR
  • السعر قبل الضريبة 1,350 SAR

كلمات دلالية : Godox, SL, 150, LED, Video, Light

  • 100W LED Bulbs guarantee high light brightness
  • The Color Rendering index is over 95,TLCI(Qa) is over 90 and R9 is over 70, Presenting the Objects authentically
  • Wirelessly adjust Light Brightness, wireless 433MHz 6 groups & 16 channels grouping system
  • Large-Sized LCD Panel, Setting auto saved
  • With Temperature control function to prevent overheating
  • With Specialized Protect cover to protect the LED Beads
  • With Premium heatsink and built-in fan to offer excellent heat dissipation

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