Profoto A1 AirTTL-C

Profoto A1 AirTTL-C

2,587.50 SAR
السعر بدون ضريبة 2,250.00 SAR
النوع : Profoto A1
المخزون متوفر

وصف المنتج

  • Round head with soft, smooth and natural fall off
  • AirTTL and HSS for a beautiful professional image fast
  • Smart magnetic click-on mount for A1 Light Shaping Tools
  • Dedicated A1 Light Shaping Tools available
  • LED modeling light integrated to the head
  • Air Remote built-in
  • Rechargeable and exchangeable Li-Ion battery
  • TTL/MAN switch
  • Built in motor-zoom with hand control
  • Auto focus (AF) assist
  • Large Hi-Res display
  • Support for Canon, Nikon and later for Sony

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