Profoto Softbox RFi 1x1,3' (30x40cm)

  • رقم المنتج : Profoto Softbox RFi 1x1,3' (30x40cm)
  • السعر: 529 SAR
  • السعر قبل الضريبة 460 SAR

كلمات دلالية : Profoto, Softbox, بروفوتو, سوفت بكس, إضاءة, إضاءات

  • The extra small RFi 1x1,3' (30x40cm) is suitable for portrait, wedding, editorial and product photography
  • The small compact size makes it ideal to use on location
  • The RFi softboxes are compatible to more than 20 different flash brands through a wide range of speedring adapters

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