Think Tank Airport Airstream rolling luggage

  • رقم المنتج : ThinkTank Airport Airstream rolling luggage
  • السعر: 1,438 SAR
  • السعر قبل الضريبة 1,250 SAR

كلمات دلالية : Think, Tank, Airport, Airstream, rolling, تنك, تانك, اير بورت, ايرستريم, رولينق, حقيبة, حقائب

  • Holds 2 DSLRs / 3 Lenses / 2 Flashes
  • Holds up to a 400mm Lens and 15" Laptop
  • Includes Cable and Lock for Laptop
  • Rear Cable/Lock Attach to Table or Desk
  • Dual Wheels with Retractable Handle
  • Security ID Plate Can Be Registered
  • Front Stretch Pocket for Paperwork
  • Top/Side Handles/Business Card Holder

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